"Received my Jiffy bag, and over the moon, the kids loved wors and I love the heel stokkies! Will definitely be visiting the store for a top up!"
Aimee, Esher

Our lovely Surrey Biltong

Ok. So what exactly is Biltong and what makes it so great?

If you’re a South African reading this..then you’ll  already know so feel free to jump to the nutritional information or go straight to the shop. Otherwise..read on!

Brief History

You’d need to travel back in time to the17th Century and the Cape Colony of South Africa to discover the origins of Biltong. With modern day refrigeration still to be invented, indigenous tribes such as the Khoikhoi preserved meat from local game by slicing into strips, curing with salt and hanging up to dry. The sun dried the outer layers while the inner meat was preserved. European settlers (Dutch, German, French) arriving and settling in South Africa (Voortrekkers) similarly needed to preserve the meat from the abundent game available – eland, Kudu , Springbox – even more so as they started the Great Trek north and north-east away from British rule. Bored by the day-in and day-out taste, farmers' wives started to rub in various herbs and spices to create new and rather wonderful flavours. Essentially made the same way today (though without the need to charge across a plain with a spear) Biltong (Bil meaning buttock, Tong meaning strip) really is a delicacy with a rich history. 

Why is Biltong so good for me?

High protein, low in fat, low in carbs and totally delicious, Biltong is made from select cuts of silverside beef that are marinated, air-dried and sealed.

Available in various flavours from natural to chilli, barbecue, peri peri and chutney, Biltong can contain up to 50% protein yet has under 70 calories in a 25g service. This makes it the perfect snack whether you’re losing to lose a few pounds or want to include as part of a daily fitness regime. Whether you’re a gym buff, play sport regularly, or just stay active, It’s ideal to fill that hunger gap between meals, or as both a pre-and post-exercise high-energy protein boost.

At The Surrey Blltong Company we use only the best quality British Beef Silverside, blended with natural herbs and spices plus South African know-how to ensure that our Biltong is the best ever!

Is there a best time to eat Biltong?

Any time is a good time! It’s an ideal snack to carry with you because it’s light and doesn’t need refrigeration so won’t go ‘yukky’ in your bag during the day. We like to think of Biltong as one of today’s Superfoods with an endless range of uses – and that includes as an ingredient in main meals and salads (see our Recipes page for suggestions).

Yes. Biltong is the perfect high protein, low calorie ingredient for meals, snacks, and fitness programmes.  It really is the most incredible natural food that you’ll find – whether you’re at home, in the gym, at work, on a bike-ride, or just with friends.  At The Surrey Biltong Company we’ve got a wide range of pack sizes and mixes available to suit all different occasions!

(Biltong is great for children too and makes an ideal alternative to high calorie snacks in lunch boxes)

I’m into Fitness – how can Biltong help me?

I want to lose weight – how can Biltong help me?

Order your Biltong, right here, right now

We South Africans have been eating Biltong for centuries. But as so many of us have emigrated to other countries, so Biltong has come with us. Today the benefits of this delcious, lean, high protein meat product are becoming widely known not just in the UK but globally. Here at The Surrey Biltong Company we’re ensuring that everyone understands and has access to this fantastic Super Food.